Wednesday, October 8, 2008

General Conference Weekend

This last weekend was a blast! I went down to Utah and took Kylie (Cara's niece) with me. While there we spent time with Jason, Ali and the kids Friday and part of Saturday. Friday night we had a bowling tournament against all of us (Ali, Jase, Chandler, Kodie, Kylie and me). It was fun there were prizes for everyone! Ali was quite entertaining :) Then Saturday morning Kodie had LaCrosse practice/game. We went but only stayed for like 20 minutes since it was freezing cold outside and her coaches didn't even show up. After we left LaCrosse we headed towards Murray and tried to do some shopping but places weren't open yet. So we hit up Costco before Chandler's hockey practice. While watching Bubba play hockey, I was quite impressed with how well he does. We'll have to wait and see until game time to find out what he really is like. After freezing my hiney off at hockey, we went shopping at a bunch of random stores. When we decided we were done, Ali dropped Kylie and I off at Ron's. While at Ron's we played the Wii, played with the girls, watched movies, and ate tons of food. I am making up for it now. Then Sunday we watched conference and then headed back to Rexburg. Conference this year was amazing! I love President Eyring's talk about unity. I made so many different connections with what I am studying, with coaching, and in my own personal life. It was by far my favorite one so far. I can't wait to read them next month. But this last weekend was good break from school. Definately a much needed one.