Tuesday, May 27, 2008

White Water Rafting

On Saturday I (along with 27 others from the branch) went to Wenatchee and did some white water rafting down it. I was honestly scared to death to go, I had never gone white water rafting. 2 summers ago I went rafting but nothing like Saturdays. However after going over the first set of rapids called Rock-n-roll I figured I could handle it. Our guide was Mormon so that made the trip really fun as well. He was telling stories and just chatting away with us. In between some of the rapids we would play water games, including water fights with other rafts. Needless to say, I was soaked very quick. One of the games we played was called rodeo. We tied a rope to the front of the raft (well the tube thing towards the front) and then tied a rope around it. Then my friend Ryan got onto the very front of the raft and held onto the rope while the rest of us in the raft started spinning the raft in different directions getting him to fall off. Well, one time we did and I almost fell out. I started laughing really hard and turned to my friend Megan, who was sitting in front of me, I told her I just almost fell out well she started laughing and then did fall out. It was very funny. Then another game we played was to have everyone hold hands and then stand on top of the raft. This took many attempts to just get this far. Once we got up and we still held hands and then started walking around the raft in a circle. We took a complete step and then 5 out of the 8, including the guide, fell in. It was quite entertaining. We all had a blast. I would love to go do it again sometime.