Monday, July 28, 2008

Perry Creek Day Hike

Saturday a friend of mine came up and then I called someone in the home ward and the four of us went hiking up to Perry Creek just past the ice caves. It was beautiful day (about 70) and the hike had a gorgeous view. On our way up the trail we saw a gardener snake, well two, beautiful flowers, and lots of waterfalls. The hike itself was steep and rocky, but worth it in the end.

Part of the waterfall at our final destination...
the water was freezing cold

Yes! I am a tree hugger!
One of the many waterfalls along the way in the distance

View from one of the stopping points

At our final destination the waterfall

Kayak Point

The week everyone left here Ron and his family stayed. The weather finally got nice enough to go out and play somewhere so we headed out to Kayak Point one day and Camano another. It was fun, the girls had a blast. At kayak we found a bunch of clams and got sprayed by them. That was disgusting at first but then cool when you could see them shoot water up and know exactly where they were. We also found a bunch of crabs. The girls and I went into the water and it was freezing cold! Then they found a teeter-totter made out of driftwood, flew some kites (well attempted), and had some fun!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Wishin' and hoping and thinking and....

So I just need to rant. I am so ready to be done with here! I am ready to go back to school and finish and move on with life. I am sick of people, the branch and work. People call me anti-social.. haha yeah right. I guess I am just ready to move on and have fun with people who seem to care that I am around and who are truly my friends.

Anyway... I just wish that I could leave right now and go somewhere and not have to worry about people being stupid towards me. I just hope that life will work out the way it is and that people can accept me for me and my decisions that I make for myself. And I am thinkin... that anywhere but here sounds good.