Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Weekend

Over Easter weekend Emily (my old roommate) came up from Utah and explored Rexburg, saw some of her old friends and just hung out. Then Friday we headed up to Island Park to her grandpa's cabin and spent the rest of the weekend with her family. It was tons of fun. Friday we just hung out and went to bed early, well attempted but her brothers kept talking and making us laugh until 1 in the morning. But nevertheless it was still fun. Then Saturday we woke up and went snowmobiling all day. We rode into West Yellowstone. It had been a long time since I had been over there. The town had some beautiful buildings and the ride was gorgeous. On the way back down we stopped by this hill and played on it for about a 1/2 hour. Then Sunday we went to church and then her mom made me an easter basket and we (Emily's siblings and I) went on a scavenger hunt for our baskets. It was way fun and a cute idea. Thanks Em! I'll post more pictures when I get them.

We attempted to go to the planetarium, but it was sold out! Sad day

We found a map and was pointing out where we are from, it looks like I am from Canada

Friday, March 21, 2008

Volleyball Champs

So our ward volleyball team made it to the championships. We lost one game the whole season and ended up fighting for the championship game last night. As the game started we were holding it together, kept the game close, and then lost the first game. Then we went into game 2 and was pretty close until the end we finally got it together and the other team was getting tired, prideful, I am not sure what happened to them. So we took game two. Now it was 1-1 and going into game three. We started off with serve and lost it after 1 point, but gained it back after the serve. From there we took it to be 8-4 us. We switched the side of the net, for some reason they do that here after one team has 8 points in the last game. We kept the ball and continued fighting for the game. We ended up slaughtering them to 15-4. That was game and all 5 of us on the team were jumping up and down and the our ward was going crazy. It was an exciting and good game to end the season with. So we went up to get our T-shirts and found our guys team with shirts. It was cool to have both volleyball teams take the championship. Our ward is awesome and we had tons of support. So to make a long story short, we won!!!

Our small team that took it all!

We are the champions!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sex or Olive Garden???

I don't even know where to start! So last night there were 11 of us that went to Olive Garden for my friend Alex's birthday. While we were there we laughed, talked, enjoyed the delicious food, ya know.. it was a normal trip to the restaurant except it was a birthday so it was a little different. Anyway. So Alex wanted a picture of everyone and asked the waitress if she would take a picture of us. The first picture was taken of us around the table, but you couldn't really see everyone so she took another one if front of the fireplace. So we all move by the fireplace. Me and my friend Stephanie kneel in the front and the to left of us is this older couple. They were watching us and after we all got situated for the picture the guy told us to say "sex". Stephanie and I started laughing really hard, I am pretty sure everyone else was too, but I couldn't hear them cuz I was laughing so hard. So the waitress took another picture, but before she did that another waitress walked by and was like say "Olive Garden" I thought it was cheesy so I didn't say anything. Then right after that the old woman at the table, in a deep manly voice said "sex is better." By this time I was laughing even harder. Really who says that at a restaurant to random people. It was funny. So we go back to the table and Stephanie and I were talking about it and she was like I thought it was a woman the whole time until I heard her talk, then I realized it was a man. I was thinking the same thing. So I was laughing even harder and was about ready to pee my pants and was crying from laughing so hard. Stephanie and I kept looking over at "it" and it totally looked like a transvestite. It was definately a man wearing women's clothing, had a purse, make-up and short hair. It was the highlight of the day yesterday! OH man, it makes me laugh everytime I think about it. Oh, so as we were leaving the restaurant one of Alex's cousins turned to me and was like "boxers or briefs?" Then I replied with "or a man thong". It was hilarious.
It's kind of small cuz it was from my phone. But there "it" is in the background.

Friday, March 7, 2008

5 weeks left!

So school is out in 5 weeks, but who is counting. After that I head home for the summer to work somewhere. Not quite sure yet. Just trying to get through the last little bit of school with not as much stress.

Last week I started a new class and I am at one of the elementary schools here is Rexburg working with 2nd graders. They are so fun! The school is a little country school, not as small as Trafton, but same kind of idea. The school looks like a castle kind of on the outside. I believe there are 2 classes for each grade, but there may be one. It is a K-4 school.

Besides starting a new class I am keeping busy with school and sports. My basketball team finally won a game, that was last week. We have kind of struggled a little bit, but doesn't every team? As for volleyball we are rocking the house. We've only lost one game and we totally should have won, we just got to cauky playing a bunch of married pregnant girls. But nevertheless it is still fun!

Last weekend, I took a road trip down to Utah. Saw Ron's family and Jason's. Celebrated Ron and Bubba's birthday with them. Chandler wanted to go skiing, but that didn't work out so we went and saw Alvin and the Chipmunks instead then went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner,that's where he wanted to go eat. Then we went back to Jason's and hung out. Once the kids went to bed, Jason,Ali and I went to the movies again and saw Enchanted. That is way cute! Then Sunday we slept in, went to church, played a game of Life, Kodie wanted to play then headed to Ron's for dinner. It was fun and good to see everyone. I am glad that I live close enough to 4 of my siblings so I can go see them whenever.

That's about it in my life, just keeping insanely busy and trying to stay sane.