Wednesday, January 28, 2009


While visiting Ryan and Cara, we decided to go explore and see a historic area around the area, so we headed over to Jamestown. It was really interesting. We wished we had gotten their earlier so we could have looked at the trains longer, but it was still neat. Jamestown was in many movies and tv shows including, Little House on the Prairie and one of the Back to the Futures (well the train anyway). I really enjoyed getting to know the history. I think it's safe to say that we all enjoyed our time there. One day, I would like to go back and do a dinner train/tour that they do, during the spring and summer months.

"I so fashable"

Over Christmas break, while at Greg and Melissa's house the boys went to a tool store while the girls stayed at home. Kenna and Kaelyn kept themselves busy while entertaining us with a fashion show. We told Kenna to model for us and well, she did. As she was showing off her stuff, she would go "I so fashable, I so fashable". I was dying laughing. She is adorable! It was really good to see them. I wish I would have taken more pictures. Mom and dad have more. I'll have to help them with that when I go home over the summer. I hope you enjoy Kenna' s fashion show below.

Winter Wonderland

For the week I was home in Arlington over Christmas break it dumped snow! By the time we left for California we had at least 2 feet! It was crazy! We ended up leaving earlier than we planned for Cali because the schools were cancelled, so mom could leave earlier. Here are some pictures around the house of all the crazy madness of snow.

22nd Birthday

For my birthday my old roommates took me out to eat in Idaho Falls at Olive Garden. I tried a new dish and fell in love with my food. It was amazing! After dinner we started to drive to the mall and on our way we saw a gorgeous sunset. It was very bright and interesting. After we went to the mall we headed back to Rexburg and went and saw The Express. It was a really good movie. I hadn't heard anything about it, but really enjoyed it. It was a fun night. I am so glad that I have such good friends! I wish they were closer! On my actual birthday, Liz invited me over for dinner and made me zesty italian chicken and pink raspberry cake. It was also delicious. I am also glad that I could spend my birthday with family, especially since my cousins are the closest ones to me in Rexburg. Then later that night, Kylie and a couple of her roommates came over and were dressed up in old dance costumes and brought me coffee cake. It made me laugh.

Kylie, Candice, and Ali in their crazy outfits
Idaho sunset

Laura, Rachel, me and Myranda

Myranda and me at dinner

Monday, January 12, 2009

Back in Grade 5

Today was my first day back in fifth grade and I love it! I am doing my senior practicum, basically a really good look into what student teaching is... in the sense that i am in the schools for 2 full days a week. I was very nervous into going into 5th grade, just because I have only been in 1st and 2nd for my classes. But I think I found out where I would like to teach when I get a job. The older grades. The school I am at is amazing. It is the largest elementary school in the state of Idaho with 12,000 students. The principal is super nice and way excited to be at his job. Today he gave us hints and he said to ask him any question.. he will even help us find great teachers to work with. I am pretty excited to go in and learn more everyday with the fifth graders.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back to school, back to school

Here I am, back in good old Rexburg. I am not really enjoying all the snow and ice that is upon the ground, but hey what can you do. Quit school. Ha! not when I am this close to finishing. I am in my last semester of classes in Rexburg. I am hoping to walk in April and then student teach in Utah in the fall. Classes this semester are kind of insane, but so far I am handling the load. I got my placement for one of my classes and I will be in Rigby in a 5th grade classroom. I am scared but very excited for it. I have never worked with 5th grade so it will be interesting, but very good for me. Besides being back at school. Life is pretty good. I have some pretty good roommates. I love my room roommate, she is such a great example to me. Thanks Megan!

I was going to post pictures, but I realized that my cords are at home! Sad day, I know. So when I remember to tell mom, and get them i will post pictures. I wish everyone a great 2009!