Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ok, I think moms should never try to change outdated addresses. Anyway not without knowing what they are doing. The other day I noticed that Kelcie's MTC address was still listed. So the good mom I am to let all her friends know to sent her mail to the Mission Home address (She really likes to get mail) I thought I delete the MTC one. That is where the dilemma started. It deleted all her other info in that post as well.
Oh man, I finally figured out to post is somewhere. Surprise it ended up just under her header. Just in case it is hard to read I will post it again.
Sister Hermana Dickson
2520 N University, Ste 100
Provo, Utah 84604-3819
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Week 23! One lucky Missionary who gets to go to General Conference!

This week went by so fast! A lot has happened. We have been walking a lot this week since we are running out of miles and don't get new miles until April so we are getting plenty of exercise in. I feel bad for the missionaries in walking areas. I think my feet are now callused or almost there. Sister shoes are not meant to walk in!

So this week we have met a Jehovah's Witness! It was my first one since I have been out! He let us in and we have a return appointment for tonight. We are so excited. We have been studying a lot this week for him! We are determined to get him baptized! He is very confused about his own beliefs.... hopefully by the end of this transfer we have him baptized or at least on date.

The other night we got a phone call from an investigator the English sisters are teaching. He is hispanic and wanted us to come over. So the next morning we went over. He told us their life story. He has been having kidney dialysis for 3 years now. He is 30ish. He is on disability and his wife has a bunch of medical problems. She got laid off of work a couple months ago and are really struggling financially. We are trying to get them food and some people in the ward have really stepped up to help them. They are a sweet family who have a lot of love for each other. The same day we went there we went back at night with some food and to teach a lesson. Hermana Reyes noticed some candles. I did too. One of them was Virgin Mary and the other was the Grim Reaper. Yes the grim reaper is a religion... it's the Holy Dead. It's almost voodoo/witchcraft. We were like oh man. So we are slowly working on them to get rid of them.

One of my favorite investigator families here are the Rodriguez family. The mom (Maria) and her 3 kids are taking the discussions. They are so ready for baptism. As soon as we put them on date for April 10 the oldest said that she has to wait until after her 15th birthday in October to get baptized because of her quinsinera. Her family wants her to have the catholic ceremony with it. She really wants to be baptized! Those kids are so smart. They are teaching us the lessons. Veronica (14) and Maria came to the General YW broadcast Saturday night. It was soo good! They both took notes and Maria was crying! We got tickets for them to go to General Conference this weekend!

The YW broadcast was amazing! You should go on and listen to it/read it. It was so good. Everyone I talked to was on the verge of tears if not already crying. I got a lot out of it about the 13th Article of Faith and how important it is for us to have these Christlike attributes. These attributes will help us reach the goal of the temple. The temple is a blessing and special place for us. Pres. Eyring spoke about testimonies. It was all SO good. After the broadcast I got a call from the ZL's telling me I am going to General Conference Saturday! I am so excited. My companions aren't going but I'm going with Sister Beck/Smith/Brignone and my old companion Tetelpa. I am super excited to be going.

So stories for the week:

1- We are teaching this guy Adolfo. He has read the Book of Mormon 4 times! He is ready for baptism. The other day we were teaching him and he asked me why I have a funny accent. I told him it was because I am American, I'm a gringa. I didn't know that I had a funny accent when speaking Spanish. I guess I do.

2. We were teaching Adolfo the last half of the Plan of Salvation and I was explaining the Celestial Kingdom. I told him that the Celestial Kingdom is compared to the south.... He corrected me and told me it was sun. I didn't realize what I said wrong until a half hour later. Oh man... words that sound alike or are very close make for good stories. Hermana Tanner does it all the time. It's funny.

3. We were out tracting all day yesterday. It was close to 8 and we were walking towards our house. We looked ahead of us and it was storming like crazy. We heard thunder and saw lightening. Every time lightening struck I would scream. It was close! Well we get about 2 or 3 blocks from our house and you hear the wind and it sounds like a heavy downpour of rain and leaves twirling in the wind. 2 seconds later it starts hailing! The hail was huge! So I told me companions to run to the house to our left that had a porch. Well it didn't lighten up and we were still being attacked. So I finally knocked on the door. The people answered and asked us if we were missionaries. It was funny. The ground was completely white after a minute and the roads were kind of slick.

Anyway, I love being out here! It is amazing. I love Payson. The people here are so good. I am so glad I am out here serving. I am learning so much. I love you all and am so grateful for you! Thanks for all that you do for me and for everyone else.

Love, Kelcie

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hey everyone!
Well I am now in Payson and love it. Payson is like Arlington/Darrington/Shelley all put together. It's a fun little place. The people here are wonderful. I have gotten into so many doors. THe people are really receptive to hearing from us. I have amazing companions. Hermana Reyes was born in Mexico but grew up in Vegas. She has been out for about a year. Hermana Tanner is fresh out of the MTC. She was born in B.C. and moved between the states and Canada all her life. She also went to BYU-Idaho for a couple semesters. She knows a little bit of Spanish. She is funny. The 3 of us get along great and have so much fun. Between our Spanish- or lack of- and just having fun while finding people or in the apartment. I actually feel like my Spanish is improving. I am slowly getting there but am understanding it more and more. Hna Reyes speaks a lot of Spanish to us and so I am picking up on it a lot faster than the last 2 transfers. We have about 10 investigators and picked up 2 more this last week. We put one on date. Payson Spanish ward includes 7 stakes with one Spanish ward.

So funny story. Wednesday, first day in Payson, we went to dinner but they forgot so we went to their restaurant, La Hacienda, for dinner. When we walked out back to our car it was really windy. I was wearing a shorter skirt and it flew up. I kind of felt like Marilyn Monroe. We were laughing so hard! My companions helped me get my skirt back down really quick. It makes for good laughs now and then. Hermana Tanner has some good oops moments that I will have to share later. Next week I will send pictures for sure. I forgot my camera this week. I don't have much time today since I wrote this letter last but I will tell you guys more next week. Okay a not so funny story. At correlation yesterday we were talking with a ward mission leader and he told us that 3 of our investigators (boys) should not be coming to church because they misbehave and it's like their mom is sending them to church so she doesn't have to deal with them. Both wrong! They all want to be baptized but are waiting for mom's permission and to be of age (well one of them). They are great kids, the mom just doesn't have much control over them. It was so frustrating that someone would deny someone else's salvation.

I am so grateful to be out here. I love it! I am so grateful to be a missionary and to be learning Spanish. Even if it has not been easy for me I am learning a lot! I know that our Savior lives and that He loves each of us. I know that prayer and reading our scriptures is what will help get us through each day. There is so much power in those two things. It is also a commandment for us to be doing those things. I know that He answers our prayers and that he knows what is best for each of us. I hope that you are continually coming unto Christ and helping others as well. I am grateful for each of you and for your love and support. You are the best!

Love, Kelcie