Friday, February 8, 2008

Time flies when you're having fun

Volleyball and basketball have both started up and I am the captain of both teams somehow. Our first games were this week. Basketball is a coed team and we lost it overtime by six points. It was a sad game. Then volleyball we rocked. We creamed the other team in the second game. I am excited for the season... it will be good and tons of fun. Besides sports, school is keeping me busy. My classes are starting to pick up (midterms coming in like 2 weeks). I am ready for the next three semesters to be over so I can start my student teaching and get out of freezing cold Rexburg. This last week at school has been spirit week. Our ward participated in snow shoeing 20 lap relay and we took the spirit award away (after trying for the last 3 years). Then last night I watched pond skimming. It was really fun to watch.. way to cold to participate that's for sure. But three people from my ward were in it so it was fun to watch them biff it in the water.


Gerrit & Ashlee said...

What do you want to do this weekend?

Gerrit & Ashlee said...

I just tagged you- so go to our blog and check it out, and then do it on yours!