Friday, March 21, 2008

Volleyball Champs

So our ward volleyball team made it to the championships. We lost one game the whole season and ended up fighting for the championship game last night. As the game started we were holding it together, kept the game close, and then lost the first game. Then we went into game 2 and was pretty close until the end we finally got it together and the other team was getting tired, prideful, I am not sure what happened to them. So we took game two. Now it was 1-1 and going into game three. We started off with serve and lost it after 1 point, but gained it back after the serve. From there we took it to be 8-4 us. We switched the side of the net, for some reason they do that here after one team has 8 points in the last game. We kept the ball and continued fighting for the game. We ended up slaughtering them to 15-4. That was game and all 5 of us on the team were jumping up and down and the our ward was going crazy. It was an exciting and good game to end the season with. So we went up to get our T-shirts and found our guys team with shirts. It was cool to have both volleyball teams take the championship. Our ward is awesome and we had tons of support. So to make a long story short, we won!!!

Our small team that took it all!

We are the champions!