Sunday, November 16, 2008

I think I found it...

I think I found what I have been looking for. Volleyball ended Saturday afternoon with winning 2 games in the tournament and getting out by double elimination. We won the first and last game. It was a good season and lots of fun (most of the time), but I am honestly glad it's over. I now have a lot more time to do homework and hopefully I can finish off the semester! Besides volleyball being over life is just getting better by the moment. This weekend was so much fun and something I have been needing for a while. Today we had stake conference and I learned so much from it! I am so grateful to be here at Brigham Young University Idaho. I have learned a lot from being here and am grateful for the friends I have made. This weekend Emily came up and I forgot how much I have missed that girl. She is amazing and I owe her big time. I am just so grateful for everything right now and for all that I have in my life. I am so glad that I have found the happiness that I have been missing for the last few weeks. I hope you all can find it.