Monday, August 10, 2009

Destination: Utah

Mount Shasta
Shasta Lake

After going through six states total, stopping off in California and Idaho to have some fun with friends and family, I finally made it to my final destination: Utah. My trip was so much fun. Mom, dad and I left early July 29 and headed to Stockton, CA to hang out with Ryan and his family. The first thing we did when we got there was...
You got it, IN-N-OUT! One of my favorite places to go in Cali (food wise). Since Ryan, Cara and the boys were still at football practice for a few more minutes we decided to stop and eat until they were done.

Our week until Sunday was pretty fun. That Thursday we went shopping for a little bit and I found a new swimsuit for cheap! Then the next day the boys took us to the pool one day and yes I got fried but no worries it is a tan now. It was pretty fun. Taylor wanted to ride the paddle boats but the lifeguards there were really odd and told us in 5 minutes someone would be back to help us. Well more than a half hour later and no one showed up so we just left. Taylor had to go get ready for football practice anyway and the girls had some serious shopping to do.

Saturday Colby had his last basketball game. Their team was undefeated, so it was a good game (competition wise) for the last game of the season. Needless to say, they hung in there and won by one point. The final score was 14-13. Yay Colbs!

After Colby's game Taylor had punt, pass, kick and then got his football pads. Taylor had beaten the record in punting, but only for a little bit. He was quite proud of himself. Good job bugs! The rest of the day we just hung out and enjoyed each others company.

Sunday we headed up to Greg's in Chico and stayed there until Friday. Sunday we went and saw their new house in Paradise. It is pretty cute. I can't wait to see it when they are all moved in and the yard is done. The rest of the week we watched the kiddos and had some fun. We went to Barnes & Noble and the pet store. Thursday a missionary that served in our area came up with his fiance and brought a date for me. It was pretty fun we went to Costco for dinner then In-n-out for shakes and then to the park and played a couple mean games of Sorry. It was fun and good to see Elder Barrow and meet his fiance. Kaelyn and I also had a dance party and she was laughing so hard I thought she was going to wet her pants. It was a fun time in Chico.

Greg and Melissa came back Friday and then we headed off to Elko, Nevada and stayed the night with Aunt Vicki. The drive to Elko is pretty boring but I got some cool pictures of the mountains.

We saw oranges construction cones for what felt like the entire stretch from Greg's to Elko.

Then Saturday morning we headed out early to get to Twin Falls, Idaho for one of my good friends Emily's wedding. She looked gorgeous and so happy! I love that girl and they guy she married, Jordan is perfect for her. I have gotten to know him over the last few months and he is everything that she deserves. We met up with them at the temple when they got out and then we went shopping in between the luncheon and the temple. After the yummy luncheon we took off and headed for Ron's. I felt kind of bad for leaving and not staying for the reception but it was another 4 1/2 hours after the luncheon until the reception and I didn't want to drive in the dark.

Saturday night we got into Ron's and took off again. Jason couldn't make it to the Salt Lake vs. Seattle soccer game and gave us the tickets. It was so much fun and we had some great seats! Thanks Jason! I cheered for the Sounders and was the only one in that section. Despite the loss to Real Salt Lake it was still a really good and I have discovered a pretty cute soccer player who plays for Seattle. Just a little infatuation.

That's my life for now. Student teaching orientation starts next week and then on the 24th student teaching officially starts. I am pretty excited and will keep you posted.