Friday, March 12, 2010

Job Fair

Today I went to a job fair held at BYU. My friend Becky and I went down. It was a joke trying to find parking. The first place we tried right next to the Wilkinson Center was full so he told us to go park at the other visitor center. We get there and as soon as we pull up the guard put a sign up that said lot is full. So Becky asked her where we can park and she was like over by the Marriott Center. So we go over and find our way there and couldn't find parking. We finally found parking and then ventured to find our way around BYU campus. Eventually we found the place and we were both nervous. As we are there we found a sign that said what districts were there. So we scoped out who we wanted to go see and walked around.

I wasn't planning on visiting with out of state districts but I spoke with San Jose school district and was kind of impressed but nothing really struck me. I kept going on through districts. I talked with Canyons, Alpine, Weber, Logan, Granite, and Nebo. Still not really any good feelings. I loved Granite schools, but I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I work for them already with subbing and did my student teaching with them. Same with Canyons. Well, we were about done and we found Tooele School District and were like why not. So we listened to the spiel about the district. Depending on where you are at in their district they will pay your housing. Sounds good to me:) As I continued to listen I was becoming quite fond of this district. After all was said and done I walked away with a good feeling. So I am hoping that something will come from it. There are building 2 more elementary schools and a new high school. I am hoping that it will work out and I get job with them or Granite Schools... we'll see come the next few months! Cross your fingers and pray it will work out!


Jake said...

Wow... cool. Its just in the middle of no where. My grandma and aunt lives there. My aunt has been teaching 4th grade there for like 27 years.