Monday, April 26, 2010

Interview tomorrow!

About a week ago I got an email from a principal at Granger Elementary saying this: "Granger Elementary School, Granite School District, would like to interview you for an hourly teaching position. This position would begin as soon as the hiring process is completed. This position would require qualified applicants to work with struggling reading and math students in a small group setting. There is no contractual promise. This position would end at the end of June 2010. Please respond to this email as soon as possible so an appointment can be made. Thanks for your interest." I was quite excited when I checked my email and emailed her back right away saying I was interested. A few days after I got another email saying this: "Congratulations!

You are one of 16 applicants being considered for our 2 hourly teaching positions at Granger Elementary School. We will be conducting interviews on Tuesday, April 27, 2010 at the school. We are located at 3700 S. 1950 W, West Valley City, Utah. We are in a beautiful new building located behind the Redwood Drive In.

The position you will be interviewing for is a teaching position working with small groups of students (about 5) on fluency and comprehension skills using the Read Naturally program during the morning hours. Each group runs 30 minutes seat to seat. You’ll be picking up the students from their class, taking them to a teaching station, teaching and then returning them to their class. After a lunch on your time, you’ll be working with small groups of students on math, using the computer program “Study Island” to address number concepts, problem solving, and measurement. You’ll need to be flexible as your teaching space will change throughout the day.

You’ll be working about 6 hours per day, 4 days a week, Monday through Thursday. The pay is on the teacher salary scale and runs about $25/hour with a Bachelor’s degree and no teaching experience. It takes up to 2 weeks for the district to make the decision to hire after we make the recommendation. Once that decision is made, the position starts. We’ll be working through June 24th.

If this job is one you’d like to interview for, we’d love to see you on Tuesday, April 27th at ____11:15____. Come to the office, bringing your resume and any information you’d like us to see. We don’t have your file in front of us, so use this time to let us know all about your skills.

We look for to meeting you."

Yep, I go in for an interview tomorrow! I am quite excited about it but sad to not be subbing at my school anymore if I get the job. I asked my principal to write a letter of recommendation for me and she did. I read it and wanted to cry. I love her! So cross your fingers and pray that I get it. It will be good to have a more permanent job for a few months at least.


Melissa said...

Yeah Kelcie! Good luck tomorrow. That sounds like a great position. Kaelyn just introduced me to Study Island on our computer the other day. Pretty cool Stuff!We'll be crossing our fingers for you!
Love you!

just the five of us said...

Hope your interview went well! Let me know if you get the job. One job leads to another:)