Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Just Don't Know What to do with...

Myself! This week has been so overwhelming and stressful. Monday night I was sitting at FHE and tears were on the urge of coming out. I tried holding them in as long as I could, since FHE is my calling. I last until 8:30 when my friends starting noticing something was wrong so I took off before I had to really talk to anybody. I was talking with my friend Danielle out by our cars and she said I should go get a blessing when I got home. So I did that. When I got home, I asked my dad if he would give me a blessing. I didn't tell him what was going, but in that blessing I got comfort and guidance. Since then life has been mellowing out a little. Still stressful but getting better.

Some things that are going on in my life right now are:

1. Work. People are work are so dramatic and somehow things involving me get around the warehouse. It is very frustrating when people you don't want to know stuff, know things about you. We have been working like crazy the last 2 days to get our orders done that are supposed to be tomorrow. It is quite insane at work and it will be a miracle if it get all the way done! I hope I get my 3 day weekend they are promising us.

2. Career. I am having the hardest time finding a teaching job. I find openings like crazy but don't get interviews. I had one interview and it went really well. The group was really impressed; however, they picked someone with a master's degree. :( I was kinda upset about that but realized there is something better for me. I still haven't found work. So I am playing with the idea of going on a mission again. I guess it was about 2 years when I had the thought of going on one and now it is back. I am going with the mindset, but I think it is changing, of IF I don't get teaching job then I am going to go on a mission. I was talking with the sister missionaries about it last night. One of them is a lot like me so I figured I would get some help and thoughts from her. I have told her a little bit about what is going on and she gave me this scripture to read. As I was reading it I got the chills and a thought of maybe I should just prepare for a mission now.

I am just confused on what to do with my life. Everything is so up in the air, it's crazy. I hope that I make the right choice and that I will be comforted and blessed with whatever the Lord has in store for me.


Kel-C said...

Good attitude Kels!!! The Lord will always take care of you! If its one thing i have learned through out my crazy life some times he has to drag us kicking and screaming but once we get where he wants us we realize HE KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING!!! Patience and Faith! If you ever need to call you know where to find me. Love you forever and a day!

Megan said...

I hear ya, Kelcie! I wish I could get some answers too :(