Wednesday, October 27, 2010

week 1

Thanks for the emails everyone! I got one! :) Thanks Ron! and 1 letter- thanks Cara!

Hola! This week has flown by. I am so glad I made the decision to come! This week has been muoy bueno! Day 2 we started learning Spanish. We learned how to ppray (Oracion), bear testimony (el testimonio), some grammar, and are working on the first vision in Espanol. It has been a challenging week as far as learning the language goes. I was beginning to get frustrated. But now I feel a lot better about it. Elder Richard G. Scott came for devotional last night and talked about being led by el Spiritu (the spirit). It was what I needed. He talked about many life experiences and gave each missionary a handout of what he talked about. One thing that struck home with me was that sometimes God lets us struggle so we can build character and increase our faith. It was great and it was what I have been going through. He also invoked blessings on us, especially the Sister missionaries.

I have a great companion. Her name is Melody Smith from So Cal. She went to BYUI before coming on a mission. She is going to Provo with me as well. She is the youngest of 8 kids. I love her to death. We got along from Day 1. I have a great district as well. There are 10 of us in our district. 5 of us are staying in Provo, 2 are going to Spain, 2 are going to Tuscon, and 1 to Wisconsin. One of the Elders is 6'7" and is very talented with music. We are planning on doing a musical number together sometime in the next year and a half.

Cara asked me the other day in her letter how the food in the MTC is. Well, it's not the best food but it works. The eggs are powdered eggs and taste disgusting! Most of the time the food is overcooked. I have found some really good food though. At least 1 a day. The first day in the MTC Hermana Smith and I were walking back to our dorm and got lost trying to find our way. Now we know where we are going if not we just look up at the numbers on the walkways with arrows. The MTC reminds me of college without all the graded homework. I wish I knew what I know now a few years ago so that I would have taken and been more prepared in my school work.

The spirit is SO strong here I love it! I could not ask for a better place to be at this point and time of my life. I have felt the love of my Savior. I am coming closer to Him through prayer and study. We study pretty much all day long. It gets to be a long day come 8pm and still studying. Richard G. Scott said this last night: "Your love of Heavenly Father and His son will increase. It will be a love of reverence, awe, and gratitude of a child to the greatest of all. It will become a love of total willingness to be obedient to Their will. it will result from a pure desire and willing determination to serve Them above all else." I love it! I love how he says that we will grow to Love Them. I know I have grown to love them and will continue to.

A big thing that is being taught here is that as your testimony of the Atonement increases your desire to share your testimony and the gospel will increase. It is so true! I am grateful that I have the Atonement in my life and have been able to use it. I am grateful to be who I am today and have no regrets about life. I know my Savior lives and that He loves you and me. We are His children. He wants us to let Him into our lives. He knows us, each by name, and knows what we desire and what we need. I know that as we come to let the Savior in our life we will be guided by the Spirit and will feel His love become more evident in our lives. I know that the Restoration of the gospel was necessary and that Joseph Smith was a prophet of called to bring the Restoration of the gospel back on this Earth. I am grateful for everything in my life! I know if we pray and listen, the Spirit will guide us and help us.

I am going to try to upload pictures we'll see if it works- okay I will send them next week! I will have it figured out by then and i have a minute left. I only get 30 minutes on the computer :( But I love you all and am grateful for your love and support. You can use to write me. it is free while I am in the MTC. I love you and miss you! keep writing me but if you send stuff, don't send gum it is not allowed. Oh, it has already snowed but has melted away.. it is too cold already. Okay, I love you! Write me please!


Jared and Nikki said...

I hope leaving comments is allowed... I love that you can blog on the mission! How wonderful to hear about all that you are getting to experience. Hang in there with the language; it will come. The Spirit will help you! Just be patient with yourself and don't get discouraged.