Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Subject: Week 13

This week has been a little bit different but good. Monday was a lazy p-day and was nice. We didn't have any zone or district activities going on so we stayed at home most of the day. Tuesday we had Zone Conference. Zone conference was amazing. I learned so much! One of the things that Sister Pitts talked about was Christlike Attributes of HIM. The H stood for Humility, I for Integrity, and M for meekness. It was really cool to see and make the connection. This week I was focused on studying these 3 attributes and learn how to become better at them. We also talked a lot about finding people. It was good because this week we did A LOT of tracting. We also had training on the importance of sacrament meeting and how to get investigators there. We talked about a few other things. Our theme scripture was 1 Ne 13:37. President talked about the scripture for like an hour. Who knew anyone could talk about and analyze a scripture in such depth for that long. It was so good. I have pages after pages of notes. I will share more when I get home :) Haha you will have to wait a little bit :)

So some interesting experiences with tracting this week:
1. Dogs! I have come to hate them even more, especially when they run up to you and almost bite you. I have decided to get pepper spray. I heard that vinegar and water work just the same. Hermana Tetelpa is not a fan of them either. Everyone here has them, especially hispanics. Most of the families homes we go into are good about putting their dogs in a different room or tie them up.
2. On one house we knocked on a person answered the door. We introduced ourselves and they told us that they used to be Mormon but aren't anymore. They went to Christianity because Mormon's don't believe in the Bible or Jesus Christ. I was laughing so hard in my head. I was curious to what Mormon church she went to. I still get laughs about it. I should have asked her more about where she went but Hna Tetelpa was ready to leave that house.
3. The next house we contacted we met a lady whose father used to be a CES member working for the church. She grew up Mormon but changed religions to a born-again Christian. Both people were quite adamant that they were not interested in the church.
4. I hate creepy things! I knocked on this door in the better part of Orem and the whole door shook. I jumped. It scared me. Hermana Tetelpa was like what happened. She didn't see the door move and stood at the top of the stairs. The other stair case was blocked and I was stuck down there if there was this creepy guy who opened the door. I was kind of glad that he didn't answer the door. If we do hear back from him or go contacting there again my companion is doing the knocking.

Our teaching pool is dwindling down to nothing. We have about 4 families that we are teaching that are not committing to baptism. One of them thinks we only need to go once a month, two of the families won't get divorced so that they can get married. They are living with others than they original spouse. And the last one wants to get baptized but is living with his girlfriend in Colombia. He goes back in a couple weeks. He wants to get married and get baptized together. We will see how that goes. He has changed so much. I was noticing this the other day when we were there. Another one of our investigators is going through a really hard time right now. We hope she keeps her baptism date despite all these hard times. Her son got deported to Argentina. He is involved with gangs and drugs and her father in law is really sick and his caretaker can no longer take care of him because her son has cancer. She might have to quit her job to take care of him but can't afford to quit. We told her to keep praying and trusting God. He will give her comfort and guidance. That is about it for the work. We don't have a whole lot going on. Next month we have 3 baptisms and a teaching pool of 3 people as of now. We are searching for more people.

This is a short letter but I don't have anything else that is new and exciting going on. Oh so funny story. Yesterday morning we were leaving for our first correlation meeting at 7am. We left about 6:50 and were walking down our stairs to the car. It had rained all night and the driveway looked wet. Wrong! It was ice. I was almost to the drivers door (I am driving now :)) and the next thing I know I am slipping. I have my lunch in my hand, my bag, my glasses, and a few other things. I couldn't grab hold of the car. It was covered in ice anyway. Next thing I know I am on the driveway and Hermana Tetelpa is asking if i am okay after she braces herself from falling. I am so sore now. I landed on my entire left side. I barely missed hitting the car and the fence. Oh man, it was hilarious even though I am in a lot of pain now.

Anyway, I hope that you are all doing well. It sounds like it! I know that Jesus is our Savior and Redeemer. I know that through Him we are able to experience life and receive forgiveness. He loves us. A couple weeks ago I bought Another Testament of Jesus Christ DVD and we have been showing it to our investigators. It is so good. My testimony is strengthened every time we watch it. I know He lives! This week I challenge all of you who read this to read 3 Nefi 11 to the end of the book of Nefi. It is amazing. I know that the Book of Mormon is Another Testament of Jesus Christ and that through it we can become better disciples of Christ. Help the missionaries in your areas. Help them find people and help others feel welcome in the wards. Help yourself come to know Christ better. I love you all and are so grateful for you and for you examples. You are all the best!

Hermana Dickson