Friday, November 25, 2011

What a crazy busy week. Sister Smith and I made a companionship goal to teach 40 lessons this last week. We were 5 short. By the time we got to the weekend we were so tired. Especially after Friday. We had some crazy things happen. Friday night we ate with some members and right in the middle of dinner the dad turned and punched his son that is moved him to the other side of the chair. We ended up reporting it, we both had a feeling that it wasn't the first time that it has happened. After that we talked to one of our investigators mom and she told us a lot of things that is going on with her son. He was supposed to be getting baptized this coming Saturday but he is no longer on date. He keeps canceling appointments as well. We are trying to meet with him and talk some sense back into him. He is throwing his life away. It is so sad.

This last Tuesday we went up to Traverse Mountain (by Cabellas) and looked for the asteroid. I first saw a shooting star and about ten minutes later Smith and I saw the asteroid. It was really cool. We were hoping we would see another one but we didn't. It was super relaxing to go watch for it even though it was freezing cold.

This last week we were able to meet with the ex-polygamist again, Zanny .We taught the Plan of Salvation. She grew up being taught that God is a God of fear and hellfire and damnation. It was so sad. By the end of the lesson she was happier and I think realized that God really is our loving Heavenly Father. It breaks my heart to hear people believe that.

We also taught Dave. We knew he had Word of Wisdom problems and so we taught about that. He told us that he is going to quit cold turkey for his smoking habits. He has done it before. We tried to focus a lot on how bad it is for our bodies and that our bodies are a precious gift given to us. We compared our bodies to the temple. Dave is a cool guy. He is the one that came up to a member and told him that he wants to be baptized. It was funny a few days before we taught Dave, we were at correlation. On the correlation paper we put that he has WoW addiction. One of the men in the room asked if it was a world of warcraft addiction. We were laughing so hard.

Funny story. One day this week we taught Brianda. Her little brother Juan was sleeping on the couch and in the middle of the lesson he sits up like he was just waking up. He sat there for about a minute. He then got up and walked to the kitchen. He opened the fridge, stared into it, closed the door. Turned around. Went back to the couch, laid down and fell right back into a snore. It was hilarious. We realized that he was sleep walking the whole time. After we left the appointment we saw a young family carrying in groceries with 3 young kids. We asked them if we could help. They said yes. We were both shocked. We always hear no we are fine. We found out that they are not members and told us they have 4 or 5 turkies that they want to donate to the church for some families that will need the help. It was so sweet. It was fun to get to know them as well and be able to serve them.

Yesterday at church we spoke in one of the wards. We focused on member missionary work and how we are here to help Heavenly Fathers children. Smith focused on the blessings of doing missionary work. It was really good. Especially since there is a lot of work in the ward that we spoke in. A lot of people told us that what we said is what they needed to hear. Then we went to another ward with an investigator. They just got a new bishopric and the counselor was conducting. They did some callings and when it came to any opposed he said it really weird and half of the congregation raised their hands. We all died laughing. A member of the high council was there and said it was fine. It was hilarious. I have never seen it before.

We had some really good lessons this week. A lot of our investigators are progressing and are doing really well. We have a lot on date for the end of the month and are doing really well. I love being out here. I don't regret any minute of it. There is a lot of work to do and we have seen so many miracles and tender mercies. Heavenly Father really does love all of us individually. There was a quote that someone said in a talk yesterday was "it's nice to be nice to be nice." It is so true. It pays to serve and to reach out and help other people. The gospel is true and is never changing, it is a gospel of order. I am so grateful for that. I love reading back over the conference talks from this last conference. It is amazing. I love you all and are so grateful for you.

Hermana Dickson