Friday, September 5, 2008

Journey to Rexburg

Our view in Washington
Alex and I after sitting in the car for many many hours... we were ready to be done and out of the car
The sunset by Dillon, Mt.
before and after... excuse the unmade beds

Alex's bed is the one of the right, mine is on the left

So I just moved into my new apartment the other and am finally done unpacking everything- I hope. When Alex and I walked in we asked ourselves why we moved here. But it's not that bad it just has some really ghetto appliances, crappy mattresses/bed frames, and carpets. I guess we can't really complain, but since they said they remodeled them recently I thought that they would have been more updated. The pictures are of our room and how crowded we were in our bedroom with all our crap. Now that we are all set up we have a nicer place to live. So we start church today in our new ward... we'll see how that goes. We have church at 1:30 we thought we had it all 11 so we were a little disappointed and are really still hoping that church would be earlier.

As far as roommates go. One of them won't be here for a while. She is on a history tour with the school. The one that is sharing rooms with her hung out in her room all day and hasn't said much. Whenever she comes out of her room she is always on the phone. She seems to be a little interesting. Then I have a roommate from Rexburg who is shy and really laid back and easy going. She is a sweetheart. She comes and tags along with us, but Alex and I don't mind. Then we have a roommate from Enumclaw. She was here for like a day moved her stuff in then headed off to Spokane and will be back today. She seems like a fun girl. Then there is Alex and I. So who knows how this semester will be. It looks like it will be good, but I am kind of scared about two of the roommates (the first 2 I mentioned).

Classes start tomorrow bright and early at 7:45. ugh.. what was i thinking? I think this semester will be good. It will be very interesting, but good I hope. I am taking 2 special ed classes so that will be fun and interesting to learn about the that. Then I have a world civ class, biology and math. But after this semester I am hoping that I only have one more left. I still have a bunch of state exams to take... hopefully I can pass them they are holding me back. If I would have passed and not missed by 1 or 2 points then I would be almost done and not have to worry about them.

Well I guess that is it for now. I will try to keep this updated.