Saturday, September 27, 2008

What time is it?

It's crazy time! This semester is insanely crazy. I am coaching competitive volleyball on campus, taking 14 credits, studying for state exams, and trying to stay sane! I am starting to think I am overloading myself. I was so ready to go out of town this weekend but I couldn't because of vball games which got cancelled yesterday. So here I am. In Rexburg, trying to avoid drama and get everything I need to done. I can't wait until this next week is over. This week I have 4 tests to take by Friday and then Friday I am heading down to Utah to get out of Rexburg! I can't wait! Then the next weekend Mom and Dad are coming down. This semester is going quick but almost not quick enough sometimes.

I am ready to be done and out of here. One a half more semesters and I am out of Rexburg! I pretty much just had to vent and get everything out. Well I am going back to studying, studying, and more studying.


Jarmandash said...

haha Kelcie you make me laugh:) If you need anything then just call, I love ya hun, aren't you exited for our next history test? I know you are! I have to study for the state tests too and the praxis, have you taken that yet by the way? We should do it together! Don't forget to register for the state tests by the 15th!