Friday, February 20, 2009

Where do I go?

Today I received part of my student teaching placement. I am going to South Salt Lake. I don't know what school, grade, or anything else yet, but I am quite ecstatic to be going to South Salt Lake. I will update about this when I get more info.


just the five of us said...

I think that is so awesome that you are going to be a teacher! I love teaching (most days) I think you will make a fantastic teacher! Teaching is a one of those careers that is so rewarding, but yet it takes a lot of time (little things, cutting, copying, coloring etc)

I don't even know if you remember us. You used to babysit for us in Arlington. I think about you often. Although, I haven't been back to Arlington since we left. I do stay in touch with Fawn, and Sarah R. I came across your blog, through Jessica A, and then Alison's and then Gerrit and Ashley's blog. So I hope you don't mind that I stopped by. It was fun reading about you and catching up a little with you. Stop by our blog and say hi sometime. Tiffy is almost 16 has a blog too, she's even starting to drive!!

Have a good day:)
Janet Butler

just the five of us said...

Hey, Kelcie, we still live in Queen Creek, but it isn't the QC that Ally and Jason would recognize. We have a SUPERTARGET and a Super Wal-Mart now, a Kohls, a soon to be JcPenny, Old Navy! There is finally shopping and restaraunts here. We even have a Sonic!!

We miss the green of Washington, the trees, the Puget Sound, and flowers, and seasons. But today it is 80 and very nice outside! :D

Tiffy said...

Hi. Kelcie,

This is Tiffany Butler. WOW! that is so cool that you have a blog. That cool that you want to be a teacher, Thats what i want to be when i grow up. You always did really fun things when you use to babysit us. I am also babysitting. I babysit 2 to 3 nights a week. Do you remember any thing we did together while you were babysitting us? If so please post them on my blog. I really need it.

Tiffany Butler