Thursday, March 5, 2009

Student Teaching Update

I just found out that I won't get my placement until late July. I am bummed out about it but at least I know I am going to South Salt Lake and will be living in Murray with Aunt Carol. I am excited to be almost done. There are 5 weeks left of school and I am starting to lose motivation to do homework. But I keep truing to convince myself 5 weeks left, keep going! So we'll see. I walk on April 10 and then I am headed home until August, when student teaching starts. I hope I find out my placement before the end of July.


just the five of us said...

Kelcie will you be in a grade school? or an upper grade? Is that part of Utah on year round? It will be fun to do student teaching and being out on your own:D

just the five of us said...

Kelcie, could you touch on the underground railroad? There are some fabulous picture books about the underground railroad. I just bought one from the book fair. I will do some more thinking, and get back to you too.