Thursday, July 9, 2009

The New Way to Lose Weight

The last week was quite an interesting week. Last Thursday Greg and his family came up to visit. Friday I went to work got off at 12:30 then came home and had a headache and a really bad stomach ache. As Friday continued on I was sitting outside watching Dad and Greg paint the house and continued to feel pretty crummy. Come Friday night and Saturday I definately had the flu. Not only was it over a holiday and family was visiting but it lasted for quite a few days. Come yesterday I was finally able to eat and keep it down or in. Needless to say I am 10 pounds lighter and am feeling much better now. However, Greg's kids have it now. Sorry guys!

I also have an update on student teaching placement. I still don't know but should be sent to me end of next week! Hopefully they send it on time and I get it before I leave. I am so ready to know! All this waiting better be worth it.


just the five of us said...

Send the germs this way soon! I have to start school in 2 weeks! My goal was to be down 10 by the end of summer, not quite there yet:D

Rucinski Family said...

sorry... i was sick over the holidays too. It really sucks. :( unfortunately mine is still kind of going on. but feelin' a bit better. :)