Saturday, July 18, 2009

Seattle Sounders

Last Saturday, July 11 I went to a Sounders game with the Singles branch here. It was interesting but fun. It was my first MLS game and a good one at that. The Sounders played Houston Dynamos and won 2-1. Houston scored in the first half and then Sounders scored one in the first and one in the second half. After half time I decided I should take a few pictures I took one of the game as a whole and then as I was taking my camera out one of the Sounders players went to go score a goal. I totally had it and when I went to look at it a girls head that was walking by was in the picture and I missed it! One of the Sounders players bicycle kicked it into the goal. Overall it was a good game and it was very crowded. The fans there are crazy and really into it! It was great. After the game I saw this older man who was wearing a bright green pimp suit! It was a highlight after the game! I took a picture on my phone.

After the game a big group of us went to Cheesecake Factory. It was delicious. Even the food and of course the cheesecakes. I split a meal with a friend and then ordered a lemon raspberry cheesecake. It was heavenly and I have been craving it since I have had it. I will definately have to go and get some when I move to Utah. It will be a lot closer.