Thursday, September 10, 2009

Getting Tips

So being in 3rd grade has been a fun yet interesting experience thus far. I love the kids but sometimes, mainly when they are talking and not paying attention (most of the day, I just want to scream at them and tell them be quiet and just listen for once. But I don't I hold it in and try to not get frustrated.

Anyway, the first week of school one of the girls told me that she likes this boy in the 4th grade. This boy is all she talks about, thinks about, and writes about in class. It's quite funny but way too obsessed. Today we showed me a note that she wrote him. It said "you love me? check yes or no". I tried not to laugh but I rolled my eyes and gave her a hard time. Well earlier this week or the end of last week another one of the girls was like Ms. Dickson... I have a boyfriend. I was like not you too! And gave her a hard time. Well, today to make the relationships in the class get more interesting, another girl was like Ms. Dickson I have a secret to tell you. She went on to tell me that she has a boyfriend. I had to give her a hard time but told her she better show me what he looks like. Well after lunch recess the 2nd girl got a keychain that said her name on it from her boyfriend. The teacher and I were like "what! how can they get boyfriends but not us!" I was joking around with the teacher and was like maybe we should get tips from them. I thought it was pretty funny. The girls just laughed and the boys were like you don't have a boyfriend, as well as some of the girls. It was definately one of the highlights of the week. It made me laugh. So maybe I will get some tips from my class on how to get a boyfriend... i'll let you know if it works! :)