Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My New Found Love For...

UTAH! I love Utah! I never thought that I would love it as much as I have been. I have been here for about a month now and it feels like I have been here forever! Some of my favorite things that I have done or experienced down here are:
1. The temples! I have been to the Salt Lake temple a couple of times to do baptisms and love it! My friend Kelsey and I try to go at least twice a month. One Sunday we went for a drive out to the Draper and Oquirrh Mountain temple. The Draper Temple is one of my favorite ones. The view is gorgeous and the temple is gorgeous. One of these days I will go inside it to do baptisms.
2. Family. I love spending time with Ron's family and Jason's family. It has been a lot of fun getting to know them and hang out with them. I have gone to Chandler's lacrosse games, cut up peaches with Ali, done crafts with Ali, gone to the movies, and play volleyball with Ron and sometimes Jase. Last week I was over at Ron's before volleyball and we were watching America's Got Talent. There was a contestant whose name is Grandma Lee. Kylie asked me what she did and I told her that she told dirty, inappropriate jokes. Then Amanda goes, with a straight face, "ya, sometimes grandma's tell dirty joke." I was laughing so hard I just about started to cry.
3. The fair + Kelsey Hokanson = Good times at the Boys II Men concert for free. This last Friday Kelsey and I were going to go to the Boys II Men concert but it was sold out so we just went to the fair. We ended up heading over to the grandstand where the concert was and started watching the concert from outside the gate on out tiptoes. Then some people came up to us and told us they had 2 extra tickets and asked if we wanted them. Of course we did! So we went in and watched about an hour of the show. It was way good!
4. Student Teaching! I love my kids! Although at times I want to inflict some type of pain for not listening or being rude but I guess their kids who need a lot of help. It has been such a great learning experience for me and I wouldn't trade it for anything. My kids keep me laughing. I'll try to keep you updated on those things. Yesterday I had playground duty and some little 1st of Kindergartner's came up to me and was like "duty, duty...." it was funny!
5. My ward! I love my ward. It is one of the best wards I have been to! My bishop is President Monson's son and is hilarious and such a sweet guy. Members of my ward are just as awesome! I have gained a lot of new friends and only know about a 1/4 of them so far. Yes, it helps that there are some cute boys! :) Last night there was a stake FHE outside. By 9:00 we were freezing cold so 3 of us girls and about 7 guys went out to get Hot Chocolate at a nearby restaurant. It was good getting to know others in my ward.

There are so many reasons why I love it here and I am sure many more to gain! I look forward to the next little bit and seeing where my life takes me.


Melissa said...

7 boys to 3 girls-- nice odds!Sounds like a fun night. So glad you are having so much fun in Utah. And being called "Duty"? That's FUNNY!

grandmagrandpadickson said...

Jusr wanting to clarify this grandma does not tell dirty jokes, leave alone jokes. But am learning a lot of 'dirty language ' filtering from the time out rooms. And I thouhgt I had heard it all in the Lifeskill class. I guess school i 'education'.
Glad you are having such a good time in Utah.

Jarmandash said...

Kelcie! I'm so glad that you're doing so good! I'm so sorry that I didn't get to see you the weekend that you came up, I've been so busy and Ashlyn and I have had bronchitis:( But Utah sounds awesome! I think that's where I want to end up but who knows:) P.S. the guy to girl ratio is awesome:)

just the five of us said...

College days were good times, but it sounds like that life after college is even better single:)

Glad that student teaching is going good for you. I often wish that kids were disciplined and respectful like the ones they show in 1960's movies in school. School becomes a day care for many parents, and especially those parents who are single, working to hard, and let their children watch wayyyy to much tv and video games.