Friday, October 23, 2009

Kids Say the Darnest Things

This week has been a really long week. Tuesday after school I found out that two of my students had lied to me about attending the after school tutoring program and have been leaving school 5 minutes early. I was quite upset about that and let me tell you, they did not get away with it. Wednesday myself and the classroom teacher talked to them and then I kept them in for their 3 recesses. They weren't too happy but neither was I. I made them write me a letter telling me what they did and why it wasn't okay to do that. The letters were pretty hilarious! I am pretty sure they learned their lesson and to not mess with me. Then Thursday I had my supervisor come and observe me. I bribed my kids so that they would be better. It was the best they have behaved all week! So today I brought them some cookies.

So the Salt Lake Fire Department is our school sponsor and they came into the school to talk to the 3rd graders about emergencies, what to do and what the fire department does. Well, to say the least those firemen were quite attractive and most of them didn't have rings on which meant that I could look right? Well, of course I did! The first half of the presentation we were inside then they went out and showed the kids the ambulance and gerny (not sure how to spell it) and the hazmat truck. Well one of the cute ones was on the gerny and they were giving the kids a scenario. The scenario was this: the cute one wasn't breathing and they were doing chest compressions. They asked who would come and give mouth to mouth. All the kids covered their mouths and were yelling "eww!", "gross" and "no"! It was quite funny. Then here I am standing off to the side watching the kids and was jumping up and down inside yelling pick me in my head. Then one of my students walked over to me and was like: "Miss Dickson, you can give him mouth to mouth." I was laughing so hard and told her, why yes I could. It was pretty cute. But needless to say, there was no mouth to mouth but some good looking firement. Off to next month and seeing them.


grandmagrandpadickson said...

you could have conviniently fainted!