Friday, October 9, 2009

The Most Important Things in Life Aren't Things

I love that quote and it kind of goes with my life right now. I went to the doctor tonight and found out that I have laryngitis and I have to take it easy and try not to talk (that's going to be hard, good thing I have a lot of lesson plans to do and unlimited texting). Besides having laryngitis, life is pretty good. Dad just came down to Utah to visit. He helped Aunt Betty travel down here for her mission and was able to stay about a week. It worked out perfectly. I had no school Thursday, Friday or that Monday due to UEA (fall break) and a teacher professional development day.

Monday I went in for half a day and then Dad and I attempted to take a drive through the American Fork (Alpine loop) and end up in Provo. Well there was too much snow and ice over Alpine loop so we just drove around where we could. The drive was really pretty. On our way down we found about 6 deer. So we turned around and pulled over to get a picture. Dad got a really cool picture of 2 deer crossing the deer. I'll have to steal that from him sometime.

That Thursday, Dad and I took Kodie and Chandler with us up to Idaho to see Chris and her family. It was good to see the boys playing soccer and basketball, despite the cold. Kirk was trying to get Chandler to ride his motorcycle with him but Chandler wouldn't do it, so we convinced Kodie too. At first she was a little apprehensive but once they arrived at the High School she was grinning from ear to ear. While we were sitting at the game Kodie showed me her leg. I asked her what happened and she told me that she burned it on the bike. I showed Chris and Kirk and we got her taken care of. Luckily it wasn't too big and that it was cold enough that the burning sensation didn't stay long. It was good to see Chris. It has been a while.

Overall the whole weekend with Dad here was good. I am grateful Dad came and I was able to spend some time with him. We don't get the chance to do that very often. Thanks Dad! I love you!


Jason Alisynn and kids said...

Kodie looks like a big bad biker chick! Okay, not really. Cute pics though!

just the five of us said...

Maddie was very sad that it didn't snow when we were in Utah this weekend. The fall leaves were so beautiful♥

Tell your dad hi. Sometimes I really miss Arlington. Your parents were so nice.