Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When you least expect it

Life is good besides being sick once again! Monday I woke up with a sore throat, went to work and started losing my voice so I thought I was getting laryngitis again or allergies or a combination of both. Well Monday night I was feeling a lot worse and knew it was more than allergies. Tuesday I wake up for work and had a hard time breathing. I still went to work but stopped and got medicine on my way home. I am feeling tons better but still don't really have a voice and a stuffy nose, but at least I can breath a lot better.

On a happier note. I got a second date! Wohoo! And now this Friday we are going on a third date. I am super excited about it. Ryan is such a good guy. Thank you Ali and Jason! I still think it is pretty funny that his name is Ryan. Like mom said, you must be attracted to guys with the name Ryan. I told her that I guess I am. But as for now, we are not officially dating but like each other. I will keep you all updated. But life is great and I am still looking for work for the summer and for next school year.

I am so grateful for my roommate Kelsey! She is such a strong girl! Kelsey is going through one of the hardest things in life right now. A year ago last February, Kelsey's dad was diagnosed with Oral cancer. He had gone through all the treatments he could. When they thought it was over they guessed wrong. About a year later, this February, Kelsey's dad went to the doctor to have a check up before surgery. While there they discovered a sore on his chin and did some testing. The tests came back and more testing was done. After all this, they found out that he has lung and throat cancer and was given 4-6 months to live. He could have treatments but that would only prolong death. So needless to say, Kelsey's dad is miserable and going downhill pretty fast. Kelsey is holding on a lot stronger than I would ever be. I just love this girl! She is such a great example to me. I couldn't ask for a better roommate! I love you Kelsey!


Jake said...

I'm so happy for you! Ryan must me an awesome guy to get to go on three dates with you!


Gerrit & Ashlee said...

is it ok to take pictures on the third date? Cuz we want to start seeing some pictures- have fun

grandmagrandpadickson said...

so do we!!!