Wednesday, November 17, 2010

!Hola Familia!

Can you believe it has been a month already?! I can't! Time has flown. It seems like I just got here.

Como estas? I am so grateful for each of you! I love getting your letters and hearing about how everyone is doing. This week has been a good one up until last night. I started feeling sick so I have been taking it easy today. So I am going to answer everyone's questions this instead of writing each of you like I usually do on top of the email. Where do I start?

Saturday: Saturday's I have TRC and this week we were given the task of getting to know our investigator on our way to church (this is in all spanish) and then afterwards we taught them the Plan of Salvation. It was really fun! When Hermana Smith and I walked into the room to pick up our investigator we noticed it was one of the girls we taught last week, Julia, and another girl. They were such fun girls. I love teaching them! At the end of our lesson before we compelely ended we decided to sing them a song. We sang I am a child of God. There is so much power in song. Everytime we sing to our investigators the spirit appears more present and the investigators have a complete change of heart in their faces and appearance. I love it! So almost everytime we teach we sing. It is fun.

Daniel- he is another investigator- I think I talked about him last time. He is a 70 something year old preacher. It is a challenge to teach him but I love it. It helps me learn! He finally has accepted our invitation to come to church. We teach him tonight so we shall see how it goes. So far it's going good. He knows a lot about our church but won't pray to know if the things are true or not. I wish he would quit being stubborn and just do it!

Another investigator: Jose. I love Jose. Last week we invited him to baptism and he said he had to think about it. He is also being taught by Jehovah Witnesses and they are trying to get him to become a member of their church. He is really confused and doesn't want to make God angry so he is being Mr. Slow. We still have no commitment but he said he would come to church with us as well. We teach him tomorrow.

Today 700 missionaries came into the MTC! It's crazy! No one is comng in next week due to Thanksgiving. We had a district leave this week and a new one come in today. I haven't met them yet but we now have 7 girls in the zone! :) The 3 new girls are going to Ecuador. I am excited for Thanksgiving next week. We are doing a service project and my district was asked to help with it and be leaders at it. We are making school bag kits. It will be insanely crazy but a lot of fun. It will be a nice change of 14 hours of class daily.

This last week for devotional we had Elder Kevin Pearson, from the Quorum of the 70 come and speak to us. He talked about the principles of power and being a disciple. Some things that stuck out to me were: your mission is your future and your success in life, There is no need to struggle, do your best, ask Heavenly Father to help lift your burdens, your mission will be what you make of it, and there is no such thing as trying so do your best. It was interesting to hear him. He was a very powerful speaker it was almost as if he were yelling. But it was still good and exactly what I needed to hear. I love that we learn through the Holy Ghost. HEavenly Father knows our needs and speaks to us through the Holy Ghost so we always need to be worthy, obedient, and willing to accept and act upon our promptings.

Today at the temple I had a neat experience. I was doing iniatories and had some hispanic names. At first I was like oh great I am not going to be able to pronounce them but I did it. I said them how they were suppposed to be, well I think I did. Anyway, one of the temple workers told me my Spanish was really good and that I roll my r's really well. It was funny to hear that and good to know that other people, besides those in my district, are giving me encouragement. It made me feel good about Spanish. Speaking of, it is coming along pretty well. I am slowly understand all the grammar rules. It is just a matter of applying all of it now. My teachers (maestros) give me some good advice so i am working on that. I am also reading and disecting el libro de Mormon with words I don't know.