Sunday, November 28, 2010

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week 5
From : Kelcie Dickson
Subject : week 5
To : Cara , Chris & Kirk , Gerrit & Ashlee , Greg & Melissa , Jason & Ali , Mom & Dad , Ron & Missy , Ryan , elizabeth sant

Wed Nov 24 2010 4:56:07 PM
Week 5 has come and gone! I am over halfway through with the MTC. I have 4 weeks left! I can't believe it. Here are some things I learned and felt this week:
- Life is possible, no matter where you are. Rely on and ask the Lord for help. He will help you if you have faith and are fully obedient.
- This week in class is the week of the Atonement (de semana de la expiacion). I am so excited about this. I have already learned so much and it has been 2 days of it. On Monday we are ending our week by having a testimony meeting in class. Last night for devotional we had Elder Malm from the 2nd Q. of the 70 speak. He talked about a lot of things but a couple things I got out of it was he told of a story of a truck driver who stopped on a bridge that had collapsed in the middle and saved many lives. As he was relating the story I couldn't help but think of our Savior and how he is like the truck driver. I also thought about how the truck driver is me helping others come unto Christ. I love the gospel! I love how you can always learn and apply things.
- TRC: Satuday we taught a lady from Ecuador who is learning English and speaks almost all Spanish. So needless to say we taught in Spanish. I was not prepared for it but I know it was good. She told us afterwards that we she understood what we were saying. I felt good about it after hearing that. From this week on all of the TRC is in Spanish instead of the task in English and lesson in Spanish. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow. i need to give myself more credit than i do. I have learned a lot more spanish than I am telling myself. I know I still have a lot to go.
- There is such a great power in music. Every lesson we taught we have sung. It has brought such a great spirit to the lesson and has testified not only to me but to our investigators. Every Sunday I have the opportunity to watch music and the spoken word before RS and I love it. This week was on gratitude. It was amazing. I love music and the chance that I have to be taught by the spirit through it and to teach others through it as well. Tuesday night Hma Smith and I sang in the choir. We sung Come Thou Fount. It is such an amazing song. I love it and have taken it and applied it to my life.
- Daniel- we taught him in spanish and he corrected everything we said into the right grammar. It was really annoying and drove the spirit away. We walked away from that lesson frustrated and grateful.
- Yesterday we were supposed to have a big snow storm. They sent all the teachers home at 3, closed half of the MTC down, and BYU closed down. It didn't start snowing until 6:45 and barely snowed. It made me laugh. It is really cold though.
- Some other things i have learned:
- What does Heavenly Father expect of you?
- Some of your hardest moments will be the best education you can get
- be grateful- say a prayer giving only thanks! it is amazing!
- God loves you in spite of your faults/shortcomings
- be 100 % obedient and have faith
- Prayers should be with real intent and a sincere heart- Preach my Gospel is excellent- you should all read it.

Congrats to Amber and Nick!
Happy Birthday Jason, Rachelle and Gerrit! I hope your birthdays were/are amazing.
I have met an elder Dickson, a girl from my old ward, an Elder from Firth and 2 people from Shelley ( cody anderson and a huntsman i believe)

Anyway, this is really short, i had 20 minutes because the internet wasn't working :( But I love you all and am so grateful for each of you. I want you to know that God loves you and wants you to turn to him for help. He will not leave us comfortless because He loves us too much. I am grateful for the gospel and the strenth it brings to me daily. I love the gospel. I love learning more about it daily and in my own life. I am grateful for this time of year to reflect on things we are grateful for. Thank you all for everything you have done for me and will continue to do for me. You are the world to me and more than that.. you mean everything to our Savior, Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father.

Hermana Kelcie Dickson