Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oh my! I have made it through 6 weeks (one transfer). I can't believe I have been gone for 6 weeks! It definitely doesn't feel like it. Let's see my week: Thanksgiving in the MTC was different but good. It doesn't even compare to being at home with family but it is still good. To start the day off we had a Thanksgiving Devotional with Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. It was really cool. His entire family came. His grandkids sang to us and he wanted us to feel like we were his family. It was so nice. His wife spoke and he spoke as well. Some of the things I remember from the devotional was:
- "Most of what we are grateful for has come from another person." I couldn't help but think of our Savior and his selfless service to each of us. I also couldn't help but think of all of you and those in Provo that i will be serving.
- "The Godhead knows each of us by name, show gratitude to the Lord" I love this. I have gained a testimony of this. I know that They each know us by name and know our needs. I can see it in the lives of those I teach while being testified of the truth of the gospel and what they need to hear. It is amazing to me that they know every single one of us and that we need to show gratitude towards them more often.
- The Atonement is for all
- Cherish your mission and your life.

After the wonderful devotional by Elder Holland we had Thanksgiving "dinner". Dinner consisted of turkey (not the best turkey I have had), mashed potatoes, rolls, and... cookies! No pie! Well some people got pie but I got cookies. When i went through the line there was no pie. I was kinda upset. i really wanted pie, what is thanksgiving dinner without pie. Well, one of the Elder's in my zone found pie and got me and hermana Smith some. it was delicious. I know I complain about the food here but i am just grateful I have edible food and know what it is i am eating.

After "dinner" we started our service project. All of the missionaries were in 2 different rooms cutting out supplies to make school bag kits. Our goal was 20,000 bags. We reached our goal and then some. The end result was 33,400 bags. I am so excited for it, especially being a teacher. It brought so much joy to my heart to know that we are helping 33,400 kids.

Friday Hermana Smith got sick so while she slept I studied like crazy. I studied language for 5 or more hours. It helped a lot knowing what i need to work on more. She felt really bad for having me be bored but I got a lot more done than i would've in class.

Saturday we did our TRC in all spanish. There were no volunteers to come in for us to teach so we taught other missionaries and teachers. Hermana Smith and I taught a teacher. He is known as Zircules because he is big like Hercules. The task and lesson went pretty good. He was very forgiving and helpful while we were teaching. Afterwards we asked him for feedback. It was very helpful. I was just glad it wasn't with a real investigator. As for investigators we taught both Daniel and (y) Jose. For Daniel he told us he was praying to trust us and understand our message. For our lesson with him we talked about the Savior and tied Him back to the Book of Mormon. We ended our lesson by reading The Living Christ with Daniel in espanol. He was very interested and went a lot better than the time before where he was correcting everything we said to proper grammar.... kinda annoying while you were teaching. For Jose I am so confused with him, I have a hard time reading him and figuring out what he needs. Good thing the spirit knows. He accepted to attend a baptismal service and attended church and enjoyed it. Hopefully both will commit to baptism before we leave.

Some other random things that happened this week: Some sister friends of mine taught us the Plan of salvation but related it to missionary work. It was really interesting and it helped me a lot. Sunday it snowed about 6 inches- that must have been the big storm we were supposed to get last week. Monday we finished our week of the Atonement with a testimony meeting. It was really good. The spirit was so strong and it helped our district unite. Tuesday at gym, I was playing volleyball (big shock I know) and went up for a block/attack against an elder and stuffed him. It felt so good and all the other elder's started clapping and hollering. It was pretty funny. I have been reading Jesus the Christ the past couple weeks and have loved it! I am reading about the birth of our Savior and his life growing up. what a perfect time to read about this. I should be getting my travel plans this week. One of my teachers was joking that it was going to say to go out to the street and turn left and then go straight until you get there. I am going to laugh if it is really close.

As for the language. I am feeling a lot better about it. Last night I was having a harder day with it but it all worked out. I am attempting to speak as much of it as i can and know. i am so glad that people are so forgiving. Sunday we had a fireside that helped me with my thoughts/fears of learning Spanish. One thing that stuck out was "fear can't exist if you have faith. You have the gift of the Holy Ghost and the gift of tongues." I keep thinking back to this and how I need to be having more faith in myself and my Savior that I can do this!

Tuesday we had a devotional with Sister Julie B Beck. She talked a lot about missionary work. Some of the things I got out of her talk was:
- Have the trust of your mission president so he doesn't have to worry about you.
- Heavenly Father creates miracles
- when you've done your best, don't be disappointed with yourself, Heavenly Father will be pleased with you
- opposition should drive you to your knees, exercise faith and work hard (I thought of learning spanish at this point)
- The secret is love

I am so grateful for each of you and for your letters. I am so blessed to have you in my family. You all mean the world to me. I am grateful for each of your examples and love of the gospel. I know that we are children of God (hijos de Dios). I know our Father loves us and that He sent his Son to atone for each of us. He knows our pains, our sufferings, and everything. I am so grateful for the Atonement and the opportunity to live and exercise the gospel daily. I love my savior. I love the people in the Provo mission.. even though I don't know many of them yet, I am grateful for them. i am grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary.

I love you all and couldn't ask for a better family. As we approach Christmas I challenge all of us to focus our lives on the savior and not so much of the world. You are all the best!

With lots of love,

Hermana Kelcie Dickon