Friday, February 4, 2011

Hola familia y amigos! Este semana fue muy interestante. (this week was very interesting). Okay it takes too long to write in Spanish so I am sticking with English. This week was a pretty good week. Our numbers would say otherwise. We had a lot of appointments cancel or just wouldn't be home. We also ran out of miles with 5 days left in the month so we walked a lot this week. I was just grateful no dogs attacked us. Just in case we had puppy spray (vinegar and water in a spray bottle- does the same thing as pepper spray). While we were walking one day we had 30 people honk at us and wave and about 3 people give us a ride but it was nice outside and we would have been really early to our appointment so we declined the ride.

Monday was P-day. For P-day last Monday we didn't do anything. We just stayed at home and relaxed. It felt good to just have a lazy day. That night we had FHE with a couple investigators. We met with Hernando and talked about Prophets. He had some questions for us so we talked about the what the Prophet does and how important it is for us to listen and follow the Prophet. We talked about the 14 Fundamentals of a prophet by Elder Benson I believe. It was mentioned in last general conference. For Norma and David we talked about each Article of Faith and then played a game with them. They had never played Uno so we taught them how to play. They are getting married this week and baptized next Monday :) Hopefully everything will continue to go as planned. For dinner this week we ate in English speaking homes. I can't really say American's because not all were.

Tuesday we went contacting out in Orem Stake. We met this old lady in her 90's who lost her husband in November and is now living with her daughter and son in law. All of her family is a member including her parents, siblings, and kids. She never joined because of her husband but now she is wanting to be baptized. We are starting to teach her tonight. Her name is Avis. She is adorable and excited to learn the gospel and become a member. I am excited to be teaching her. She is English speaking but wants sisters so we are teaching her. We also finally got to teach and investigator, Luis, who we have been trying to get a hold of for the last 5 weeks. He is my age and is always working so it's hard to get a hold of him. He is living with 2 in-actives. We also taught Norma and David today about the tree of life.

Wednesday we did a lot of tracting and were not very successful. We taught David, Norma was working. We taught about the Armor of God and dressed their 3 1/2 yo in the armor of God. He was very quick to take the helmet off but liked the rest. We also taught a new investigator, the Cano's. He kids attend young womens and scouts but she doesn't come to church. None are members. Her dad is a member but her and her husband are Catholic. Her family has a bunch of religions in them. She is very interested but won't commit to anything because of her husband so we are working with the ward on getting him involved with things.For dinner we ate at a Bolivian/American home and had really good empanadas.

Thursday we walked just about 10 miles. We taught Orbelin the law of Chastity and Monica about temples. She Monica was very interested and that night went to a Family History Class. She loved it! Monica is getting baptized February 15. For dinner we went to investigators home of familia Mitre-Rojas. Their oldest daughter was missing so we ended up helping them out. They found her at the school. I guess in the High Schools down here they have cards and have to use them for attendance in each class and to check in and out of school and she forgot to check back in after lunch. It all sounds fishy to me but they found her. That night we had 2 correlation meetings. It was really good. At one of them, the spanish one in Windsor, I got a blessing. One of the language missionaries, The Adamson's, told me I should get one so I did. It was much needed. I decided that I am going to get one at least once a transfer. I felt so much peace and got some guidance and help. It was good. No worries, nothing is wrong!

Friday was our planning day. We planned some activities for our wards to get excited and involved in missionary work. We also set goals for next month and planned for each of our investigators. That night we ended up teaching one lesson to Hernando, the others were not home or were "busy". Hernando we taught about the importance of baptism and confirmation. We also found out that he leaves in Feb 5. We are so sad to leave one of our favorite investigators. We hope that he continues to follow through and attend church in Colombia. For dinner we ate a Filipino/American home and had Filipino food.It was so good!

Saturday we had a church tour. Our entire district was in a church building covering each room. We were there for 2 hours and had 2 investigators show up. Both were from the sisters in our district :) One was mine and the other was the English sisters. That night we taught Norma and David. We also had dinner with Japanese/American family. It was really good food. One of my favorites. All of our appointments cancelled so we went tracting and were not very successful.

Sunday was good. We attended one ward and were busy all day. We taught Hernando and Alberto. We have been trying to see Alberto since I got here and finally got in last night. He is very shy and 23. His mother passed away not too long away and is waiting for his family to accept the gospel to get baptized. We are trying to tell him not to wait and that he will be a great example. It will be a long time before his family is converted. They live in Mexico and there are a lot of issues down there right now.

Anyway, this week was good even though we didn't teach a whole lot. Hermana Tetelpa and I are both staying in Orem for another 6 weeks. We are working on trying to find people like crazy. We found a bunch of old teaching records and progress records and are going to try to get new "old" investigators that way. I love this gospel. It is amazing! I am learning so much. I started reading in the Bible everyday as well as in the Spanish Book of Mormon. I am learning so much that is helping me and my investigators. This gospel is amazing and so true. I know Heavenly Father loves us. I know Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. I know that He died and suffered on the cross and in the Garden of Gethsemane for us. I am grateful for the gospel and that we can continue in faith and endure to the end to live with Heavenly Father again. I am grateful for each of you and for your love and support. You mean the world to me.

Love, Hermana Kelcie Dickson