Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where do I start? This week was an interesting week. We had 2 more baptisms and another wedding and attended 2 more baptisms. We also did a lot of tracting again. Here is the week in review:

Monday- P-Day! Spent the day in American Fork (well a couple hours) with the some of the English sisters. Afterwards we came home and finished laundry and cleaned. Nothing too exciting. That night we went and taught one of my favorite old ladies, Avis. We taught her the Plan of Salvation. We were there for about an hour and didn't get through all of it. She has a lot of questions about it and about where her husband is what he is doing. We told her that he is being taught the gospel just like her. She is happy and satisfied with that. We invited her to church again. She told us she was going to try, but that 9am was too early for her. I was thinking how is 9 too early for an 80 something year old lady. She is cute and hilarious. We also went and taught Norma and David- they got baptized and married the Saturday before.

Tuesday- We tracted out Windsor for a couple hours and had zero success. A lot of people in Windsor area are members or are not interested at all. There aren't a lot of Hispanics in this area at all. That night we had a baptism for Monica. She got there at 5 and started crying as soon as she put on the white clothes. She could feel the spirit from the start. Her baptism was one of my favorites so far. She was so ready and you could tell. All of her family was there except one son who is in Argentina. They are not members so it was good support for her. One of her daughters is interested as well. We are hoping she will come into Orem so that we can teach her at her mom's house. Monica's baptism was a special day for her. Not only did she get baptized but it was her birthday as well. It was a very special day for her and an amazing baptism.

Wednesday- We had a district lunch at Magleby's. It was pretty good food. Afterwards we went tracting in Geneva and then taught Francisco and his wife Norma. We watched the Legacy with them. He has been taught everything so we are reviewing things and trying to get him to commit to baptism. That night we taught Orbelin and watched the Legacy with him as well, and answered questions he had. Afterwards we had correlation.

Thursday- No lessons but we had 2 correlation meetings and went tracting :) My favorite thing to do....

Friday- We had a District Training Meeting and planned. We went tracting/contacting at night and then taught Norma and David again.

Saturday- We had a wedding for Gabriella and Juan Carlos. After the wedding Gabriella got baptized. They have been waiting for the divorce of him to be final so they could get married. She has been attending church for 4 years. She could teach us the lessons. It was a good baptism. Her daughter, who got baptized right after I got in the field gave a prayer. It was really special for them. After the baptism they had a lunch/reception. It was fun. That night we taught Orbelin.

Sunday- crazy day, as usual. We had 2 confirmations at the same day across town. Afterwards we taught Gospel Principles and then had another correlation. Then we met with a stake president. Went and tried to teach some lessons- no success. After we had correlation again. At this correlation, we were sitting in a room by the outside door and this young couple walks by. I said he and then thought that he looked kind of familiar. Two seconds later we both realized that we know each other. He and his wife walked back to the room and then we started talking. It was one of the guys from my ward in Salt Lake with his wife. They live in one of my areas. It was really random but fun to catch up with him and to see him. That night we taught the Mitre-Rojas. We are trying to get them to commit to baptism. They want to, but are having doubts.

Monday- No email... sorry. We had a sister's activity. We went to the mission home for breakfast (waffles :)) and then we went to the temple. It was really fun. It's fun to get together with all 20 sisters in our mission. The temple was super busy but it was good.

Well that was my week. Life is going pretty good .Transfers are in 3 weeks. I will probably be staying in Orem but who knows. The work is slowly starting to pick up. We found a couple people yesterday who are interested so we will see how that goes. I love being out here. It is not always easy, but is worth it. I am learning so much. I love each of you and am so grateful for you. You are the best! Keep working on coming unto Christ and helping others as well. I know that Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to do this. I love you!

Love, Kelcie