Friday, November 25, 2011

What a week! Monday all of our appointments cancelled. Tuesday we had 4 appointments. Wednesday we had 4 appointments. We also got a call today from an investigators mom telling us about her husband. He has a lot of issues and is an alcoholic. So we went over and talked to them and read the Living Christ with them. Thursday was a good day. We had zone conference. Every zone conference we have a theme scripture and have to prepare a talk on it. Then at the conference President will pick 4 missionaries to give their talk. I was one of them. I was also the only one who prepared anything to share. The scripture was Doctrine and Covenants 46:7. I focused my talk on prayer and used the conference talk "Prayer is a privilege". It was pretty good, well that's what I heard. It was kind of hard this conference. A lot of friends that I have made on the mission are starting to go home. 2 of the sisters I am close with are going home. It was still good besides the fact that a lot of them are going home. After conference we had 2 lessons and a correlation meeting. Friday we had DTM and then planning afterwards. We had one lesson the whole day. It also started to snow that night while we were out tracting. NOT fun! We got a call today from an investigators mom saying that her husband is coming into town and if we could do the baptism as soon as possible. So we scrambled to get everything done for the baptism on Sunday. It all was depending on if she went to church or not Sunday. She did and she got baptized. A lot of people were there for being last minute. It was good.

Saturday was a long day. We had 4 lessons and got our transfer calls. President Pitts called us which only means that someone is training. He first talked to Sister Smith and told her that she is moving to Mapleton and will be training and opening an area. She then handed the phone to me. President told me about Sis. Smith and then told me that I am staying in Lehi and will be training a new missionary coming in from the MTC. We are super sad to be leaving each other but are excited as well. We both want to give these new sisters a good experience with a trainer. Since we both struggled a little bit. Transfers are tomorrow.

The last couple days Sister Smith and I have been dreading transfer day just because that means we won't be together any more. We are super grateful and love being out here. I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving and birthdays for Jason, Gerrit and Rachelle. I love you and miss you!



JordanEmily Driscoll said...

Hey! is your email the same? Mine is Email me when you get home!!!! I want to know how everything is!!!!!! Also, my number is the same if you have everyone's number still.