Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Part 1

The weekend before Halloween a girl in my ward threw a big Halloween Party. There was a lot of people there but we left the party just in time. After we left the party, within the hour, a group of U football players came to the party wasted and with alcohol. Needless to say they got kicked out in a hurry. But after we left the party we went to a restaurant called Village Inn and went in our costumes. We got some pretty interesting looks. Especially me. I was then in a pumpkin costume. After Village Inn we went to Brad and Jeff's house to watch a 'scary' movie called "The Shortcut". It was definately not that scary, more comedy than anything. But it was a pretty fun night!
The group of girls getting ready to go to a Halloween Party.
Kelsey and I in the car on the way to Village Inn, not sure what our faces are about.

Randi and Kelsey playing their part of their costumes

Brad's back up costume.. a pumpkin

Kelsey, Berkley, Brad, and Jeff were trying to put Kristen's hair into dreds