Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Part 2

Weekend of Halloween.... where to begin? Thursday night I took Kylie and Amanda to my school carnival for a little bit. They didnt' want to dress up but they had fun meeting my teacher and some of my students. They told me that they had fun so I am glad. Then Friday Missy and I went to WinCo with the girls and found a 25lb. pumpkin for $1.44! We weren't quite happy about it so I told the girls I would carve a pumpkin with them. Well Kelsey called me and said that our group of friends were wanting to carve pumpkins so we decided to meet at my house and then carve pumpkins and hang out. The rest of the group bailed out but Kelsey, the girls and I had fun dancing and carving our bat pumpkin. I didn't get pictures of our final product but it was really cute! The girls did a great job!

Kelsey trying to carve the pumpkin.
Me showing off my "mad" skills of pumpkin carving

Kylie tracing the stencil to the pumpkin

Amanda gutting the pumpkin.. she asked us who wanted ice cream... haha

A couple weeks before for a friends birthday party we did a pumpkin carving contest and Kelsey and I were on a team. The rules were that it had to be scary. So we thought of making a pumpkin puking would do the trick. Well I guess not, the one with Michael Jackson carved into it won. I guess it definately is scarier! But we had fun.
The after picture.
Kelsey and I gutting out the pumpkin at the party.